Is It Time For You To Invest In Stem Cell Therapy?

By Thursday April 28th, 2016Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells actively reconstruct damaged tissues throughout your body down to the cellular level. The rapid tissue renewal helps control or reverse disease progression, accelerate injury recovery times and improve anti aging treatment attempts. The use of stem cells for healing is a developing therapy option offered by progressive medical practitioners. You can take control of the healing process by choosing stem cell therapy to treat your current and future ailments. Understanding the uses and benefits of stem cell therapy will help prepare you to make this smart treatment decision.

Disease Progression Control and Reversal

Adult stem cells act as a blank canvas until your body activates them for a targeted purpose. Until that point, the cells remain dormant, yet alive and well, while waiting for a restorative task.

Upon receiving the correct signal, the stem cells travel to tissues in the damaged organs, protective linings, blood vessels and other bodily structures to make the necessary repairs.  As a result, the stem cells work incredibly well for repairing tissues damaged by specific disease processes.

Common disease treated with stem cells include:

  • Autism
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Since the stem cells are derived from your own body, there is little to no risk of rejection. By avoiding active stem cells collected from embryos, your physicians take the ethical and moral dilemmas out of the equation to make for an easier treatment choice.

Injury Recovery Time Acceleration

The adult stem cells can also make fast repairs to your injured bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Common injuries to these structures include:

  • Fractures
  • Ligament tears
  • Tendon sprains
  • Joint dislocation

These structural injuries often take an extended amount of time to heal. Furthermore, full recovery is not always a possible due to the way the injury occurred or structures healed. With adult stem cell therapy, the activated cells stream into the body ready to make the required repairs to facilitate a full recovery.

The full recovery process takes very little time after the collected and activated cells promptly begin to work on repairing the damaged tissues. Since the cells come directly from your quickly regenerating bone marrow, you can have additional cells harvested, activated and transplanted to heal future injuries.

Anti Aging

The process of aging often takes a serious toll on your skin, body and hair. Decreases in the production of important proteins, including vital collagen and elastin stores, causes your skin to thin out and sag down uncontrollably.

The thin skin slightly detaches from the structural connective tissues, causing your face, neck and body to begin visibly aging at an accelerated pace. As your bodily health declines, your hair may also start to thin out and shed at an alarming rate.

Adult stem cells can actively reverse this damage to keep your body looking and acting as young as ever. The stem cells promote increased protein production while reversing damage to the stretched and tired cellular structures.

Aesthetic Improvements

Stem cells can also enact bodily changes that go far beyond restoring existing structures to their former glory. In fact, the stem cells can naturally boost the size and shape of your breasts and buttocks. To create natural body shapes without the need for frequent refreshment, aestheticians use a mix of autologous fat and stem cells. The transplantation of stem cell treated fat ensures fast recovery times and lasting results.

Physicians can also perform a treated lipotransfer into the facial area to actively firm and shape the jaw line, cheeks and eyebrows to create aesthetically pleasing structures. As the fat fills in wrinkles and fine lines, the stem cells work to repair damaged structures and increase blood flow throughout the facial area. Accelerated cell regeneration helps ensure continued aesthetic improvements long after the initial procedure is performed.

Making the Decision

The choice to use adult stem cells to halt disease progression, treat injuries, slow aging or make aesthetic improvements is a highly personal one. You must weigh your options by comparing the risks and benefits of each specified treatment procedure. Although stem cell therapies are just starting to hit the market today, their safety and effectiveness have greatly improved popularity across the board. Remember, you can always speak with your doctor or aesthetician to find an ideal treatment plan for your overall health condition.

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