The Holy Grail – Making Organs from Stem Cells

By Thursday July 11th, 2013Stem Cell Therapy

Something remarkable was reported this past week in the world of stem cell biology. Scientists have been able to make viable and functioning organ units from stem cells. In this case, the human liver “buds” implanted in the mice represent a first experimental step in growing replacement organs from stem cells for transplants, such as liver, pancreas and kidneys, says the research team headed by Japan’s Takanori Takebe of the Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine. The team relied on a “cocktail” of so-called induced stem cells grown to resemble the nascent liver bud cells used in the experiment.

While this breakthrough is dramatic, it is still decades away from being clinically applicable.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of stem cell therapy today.


Stem cells seem to be a “buzz” word these days. Everyone recognizes that the science is high tech and very hot right now.  And, there are so many groups claiming to offer stem cell treatments here in the US and abroad that its difficult to make sense unless you are highly educated on the subject.


At Regeneveda, when we talk about stem cell therapy, we are not talking about plant stem cells, embryonic stem cells, animal stem cells, stem cells from someone else or someone’s baby, we are talking about your very OWN stem cells.


Each of us has a supply of stem cells that the body uses for repair.  As it turns out, we have an abundant supply of them hidden in our fat.  These cells then can be harvested easily by aspirating a few ounces of fat from someplace where you’re happy to get rid of it.


The remarkable thing about the cells is that when they are transferred to someplace in need of repair, they facilitate repair and appear to be quite versatile.


I suppose the best vote of confidence is that many of our patients are repeat patients…that is patients who have had a successful treatment for one problem and return to us so that we can treat a completely different

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