Top 10 Facts About Stem Cell Therapy for Face

Plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine have undergone unbelievable changes in the last 25 years due to stem cell therapy. As late as the 1990s surgeons primarily performed cosmetic medicine since non-invasive solutions for enhancing people were rare. Relatively few doctors performed procedures ranging from a full facelift to brow surgery and eyelid surgery in great numbers.

The Non-Surgical Facelift

Eventually, surgeons, seeking to get the most for their patients became aggressive in their surgical techniques – while the procedures were successful, many patients were unhappy as they felt they had a certain look about them – the tilt of the nose, the arch of the cheekbone – or other signs that they underwent a facelift.

So, other physicians, mostly dermatologists, proved to the world that with volume restoration and skin rejuvenation, using injections and laser procedures patients obtained great youthful appearances. But, early patients, particularly those who had laser procedures, began developing some oddities to their appearances.

The Rise of the Stem Cell Facelift

At that juncture, the cosmetic medical industry came to understand that to get the results that patients want, an even more advanced approach was needed. One that included the least invasive surgical techniques, plus skin rejuvenation, plus volume restoration. The material used for restoring volume is best if it is from the patient (autologous). Thus, plastic surgeons and dermatologists turned to using the patient’s own fat as the material for volume restoration. Mostly the grafts lasted for long periods, but from doctor to doctor the results varied. Some used the fat as is, some washed it off freeing from all blood and added tissue. Ultimately, the medical profession came to understand that stem cells and other nutrients are in fat that help heal and help rebuild tissue structures. The Stem Cell Facelift was born.

People who have the Stem Cell Facelift enjoy more youthful skin and an overall appearance that gives back years if not decades to an individual’s appearance. Importantly, the procedure’s done without the normal way of a surgical facelift by cutting your skin and pulling it back to tighten it. Rather, a patent’s own stem cells, removed from their fat via liposuction is the volume filler.

Advantages of Using Stem Cells in Skin Care

  1. Adult people use their own stem cells in anti-aging procedures.
  2. Fat transfers, like any graft depend on their blood supply for success.
  3. Without a new blood supply, the fat graft will die.
  4. When fat is stem cell enriched the stem cells help coax the body to send blood to the fat filler and help it flourish.
  5. Stem cells for aesthetic restoration assist in restoring the overlying skin with youth and appeal. This requires no cutting and the outcome is long-lasting as the lost tissue volume replacement is underneath the skin.
  6. Since the fill is autologous, your face looks natural as it is natural – no implants just the patient provided filler.
  7. As people age skin on the face becomes less elastic, less firm, less elasticity leads to wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and dull skin. In addition, reduced muscle tone leads to drooping of cheeks, brows and foreheads.
  8. Fortunately, using stem cell therapy, results are as remarkable as a traditional facelift but, with lower risk, lower costs, and none of the pain of a surgical facelift.
  9. Unlike other procedures, the stem cell facelift requires no disfiguring cutting.
  10. The stem cell facelift is an outpatient procedures performed under local anesthesia in about 4 hours.

Stem cell therapy in skin care is in use for years, has proven results, lower costs than surgical procedures, no cutting, procedures are short (including recovery), and are affordable.

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