Eating for Digestive Wellness: Part 2

By Wednesday October 9th, 2013Fitness & Nutrition

Sample Meal Plan for Healing and Nourishing the Gut








Fresh Green Juice (carrot, celery, cabbage & mint) and soft boiled eggsFresh Green salad loaded with veggies and probiotic food (the veggies can be cooked or raw.)Homemade vegetable, chicken soup. Load it full of well-cooked veggies, fresh crushed garlic and probiotic food. (Homemade chicken stock or stock from a trusted source is important)Water (room temperature or hot)Water + lemonSingle Herb teas:
Fresh ginger
Squash pancake with avocado.1 cup of fresh Green juice 1/4cup yoghurt or kefir (I recommend homemade yoghurt, fermented at least) 24 hours









Squash pancakes

1 medium-large raw squash, seeded, peeled, and blended in a food processor
2 Tbs Raw almond butter *
1 egg

  • Mix together all ingredients well until it looks like pancake consistency.
  • Heat up some non-hydrogenated coconut oil or Ghee in a pan and poor some batter in. Make sure the batter is spread thin so the pancake cooks properly.

* Any nut butter will do, I happen to prefer the taste of raw almond butter in this recipe)


Probiotic Food: what you will need

  • Vegetables of your choice, I really like root veggies and garlic or cabbage
  • Vegetable culture or good quality probiotics
  • A fermentation vessel or mason jar
  • A place to store it that is not too cold (below 60 is not recommended because the fermentation process happens incredible slowly).

There are many ways to ferment veggies, if you have never done it before and you don’t have a favorite way, I recommend doing a little research!  The key is to make sure that the veggies are properly salted, inoculated with good probiotics, and completely submerged so that the bacteria have a quality anaerobic environment. I personally use mason jars with recap tops and fermentation air locks that I get from the brewing store down the street.



Here is a recipe I happen to like a lot. If you can’t find raw milk, just use a good quality organic milk.

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