Ozone therapy has been used medically for over 50 years. Ozone accomplishes a number of effects including:

  • Ozone is Anti Aging – Some of those Anti Aging effects can be attributed to the following list of actions.
  • Ozone Increases Oxygenation of your Cells – It has been proven that cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body.
  • Ozone Modulcates your Immune System – For those with a weakened immune system, Ozone will boost the immune system. For those with Auto-Immune Disorders, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help to stop it from attacking healthy human cells.
  • Ozone Increases Energy Production in your Cells – Your cells need energy to be healthy; low energy levels mean that you and your cells will not be healthy and will age.
  • Ozone Increases the Activity of your “Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Systems” – This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body.
  • Ozone Reduces the Level of Acidity of your Body – Never mind the Alkaline Water…use Ozone!
  • Ozone Kills Bacteria, Viruses – And virtually all other disease causing organisms on contact.
  • Ozone Kills Cancer Cells on Contact

This therapy has been proposed for use in various diseases, including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritisheart diseaseAlzheimer’s dementiaLyme disease .

IV Therapies Used At Regenevéda:

IV Vitamin Therapy – Nutrients are quickly circulated through your bloodstream, where they are immediately available for use.

UVLrx IV Light Therapy – Ultraviolet-A (UVA) and multiple visible light wavelengths are administered intravenously through a peripheral I.V. catheter to the passing blood supply.

Ozone Therapy – Increases oxygenation of your cells and modulcates your immune system.

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