For years we were taught that we were born with a genetic blueprint that could not be altered. While for some specific genes and genetically induced syndromes that is true, however we now know that we can influence the way many of our important genes are expressed. This is important to you, because hundreds of common conditions, everything from fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, thyroid disease and diabetes, to autism can be influenced by properly regulating your genetic expression. We begin by analyzing your genome through a sample of your saliva. In a matter of weeks we have your personal genetic blueprint from which we can prepare a comprehensive report that will serve as your guide to better health and a happier disposition.

What’s Your Sequence?

Each SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), or gene segment, can be in a good, bad, or mixed sequence that you inherited from your parents. Each of the SNPs we look at codes for a single important step in your metabolic pathway that determines how you utilize specific nutrients. A typical example is Vitamin B-12, important for your body’s energy and many neurological functions. For many, Vitamin B-12 isn’t properly utilized and thus no matter how much you take in you may not see dramatic improvement. The good news is that for most of the undesirable SNPs, we can influence the way your metabolic processes function by recommending specific supplements and nutrients that will correct the deficiencies.


What is Epigenetics?

The study of influencing genetic expression is a new field of medicine called Epigenetics. We re-engineer the way your genes are expressed. One of the several processes by which your genes are regulated is called methylation. In essence, it’s the introduction of a methyl chemical group onto your DNA or genes that can dramatically affect your genetics. Among some of the diseases associated with this process are:


Understanding what SNPs you carry is the first step in unraveling what often are huge mysteries to physicians, because they have overlooked this new key to the way in which the body functions optimally.

When we unlock the key and give you the supplementation you need, symptoms often go away forever.

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FAQs about: Genetic Analysis

How is age measured?

There are several different ways to measure age. The simplest is to count the years. But we all know that your chronological age doesn’t tell the whole story. There are 56 year olds who look like they are 40 and there are others who look like they are 70. The best test of aging today appears to be a test of telomere length. As it turns out, our telomeres, the caps on the ends of the DNA strands that instruct the cells to divide can be used to give us a sense of our biological age. Another way to measure age is to look at your vascular reactivity. The greater the flexibility and thus reactivity, the younger you likely are.

How many years can you extend a persons life with anti aging measures?

This depends on how intensive a program you want and are willing to embark on. To help someone look 2-5 years younger is relatively simple. To help someone look, feel, and act 7-20 years younger is a more intense program that once started, you typically do not want to stop.

Can I be on anti aging supplements when I have a medical condition?

We take all health considerations into account when we evaluate and make treatment recommendations. It’s safe to say that everything we do takes safety into consideration. Everything is evidence based, taking into account what are the most effective ways to reduce the risk of disease. When there is any concern or contraindication for a treatment, we will advise you of your risks or advise you to discontinue specific parts of the program.

How long should I be on an anti aging program?

That’s like asking “How long should I keep my heart beating?” Anti aging is a lifestyle. Once you start and everyone notices how good you look and feel, why would you ever want to stop?

Are the treatments covered by insurance?

Whenever possible, we try to make use of your insurance. The fact is that few insurance companies pay for prevention or longevity. We are a cash based practice and with the exception of some consultation services, none of our treatments are covered by your insurance.