Top 5 Natural Anti Aging Treatments

Anti-aging is all about extending your lifespan and preventing disease.  Scientists are working hard on trying to unravel the mysteries of how we age and as a consequence today we don’t think of aging as inevitable, but instead it is more like a disease that can be prevented.  The debate now centers around how far we can extend the health and productive lifespan, or health span as some call it.

Stem Cell TherapyWe’re talking about your own stem cells. Not those from someone else, an embryo or an animal. We harvest the cells, isolate and purify them and administer them in several ways that can help patients. These cells, called mesenchymal stem cells can transform into bone, cartilage, vascular and other tissues when then are either infused intravenously, injected into an arthritic joint or used to improve the blood supply to the penis in the case of ED or heart when cardiovascular disease poses some risk.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy: Our food supply isn’t what it used to be, so the nutrient value of many of the foods we consume is deficient. One way to supply the missing nutrients is to take them by mouth. However, for a variety of reasons, only about 8% of the nutrients you consume by mouth are absorbed and useful to you.  When we infused these same nutrients intravenously 100% of what we give you is absorbed and is utilized by the cells of your body. Regular IV Vitamin therapy is safe and has few side effects. It can improve your nutrition and add years to your life.

Lengthening Your Telomeres: Telomere’s control cell division. Each time a cell divides it loses telomere length. When the telomere’s are too short, the cells die.  We can measure your telomere length and lengthen your telomeres using a variety of specific supplements that modulate the affects the enzyme telomerase and it’s activity

Resetting your Internal Clock:  You body has a set of rhythms that regulate sleep/wake cycles and the pace at which you body ages. By better regulating your nutritional and hormonal balance, we can slow the clock down and increase your potential longevity

Hormone Therapy: Bioidentical Hormones are hormones that we administer that are the same composition that your body produces. As we age, our hormone function decreases resulting in feelings of fatigue, sleeplessness, poor mood, difficulty with digestion and lack of interest in sex. Establishing the optimal balance will add years to your life and make you feel younger.   We also design our programs to lower the risks of cardiovascular disease, dementia, osteoporosis and cancer.

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